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Housing Development Management Information System (HDMIS)

Welcome to DHCD's Housing Development Management Information System (HDMIS). The HDMIS site provides easy access for sponsors interested in applying for funding to support the development and preservation of affordable housing, both rental and homeownership. The HDMIS site offers on-line forms for submitting pre-application and One-Stop applications for all of Housing Development's funding sources, including:

    • 9% Low-Income Housing Tax Credits
    • 4% Low-Income Housing Tax Credits
    • State Low-Income Housing Tax Credits
    • Federal Home Program
    • Housing Stabilization Investment Trust Fund
    • Housing Innovations Fund
    • Facilities Consolidation Fund
    • Community Based Housing
    • Commercial Area Transit Node Housing Program
    • Capital Improvement & Preservation Program
    • Affordable Housing Trust Fund
    • Housing Preservation and Stabilization Trust Fund
Sponsors will have access to HDMIS throughout the life cycle of their projects and will be able to update the One-Stop from the time of award through cost certification. The system also is designed as a document management tool to organize and systematically upload and retrieve all required project related documents.

If you have any comments to make this system more efficient, please send an email to OneStop+